Air Med Care Network

Air Med Care Network

AirMedCare Network

Air Med Care Network Membership Available to BCEC Members

Big Country Electric Cooperative has partnered with AirMedCare Network to offer you the opportunity to join AirMedCare Network’s Membership Program at a special “customers-only” discounted rate.

Monthly Membership Fee for Big Country Electric Members: $5.00 – Entire Household

Download and print Membership Application.

Complete and return with your BCEC electric bill payment!

  • What is the benefit of membership to you?
    Although you do not have to be a member to be transported, membership offers several important benefits, including: AirMedCare Network Providers will work on your behalf with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight, with any uncovered amounts considered to be fully prepaid. As such, members who are transported by AirMedCare Network will not receive a bill for the flight. Importantly, your membership is valid in all of our service areas so you are covered while traveling in those areas. If they determine air medical transport is needed, they will dispatch one of our ambulance providers.

  • What is included in my membership?
    Members are entitled to transport (when available) by an AirMedCare Network provider to the closest appropriate medical facility for medical conditions deemed by an attending medical professional to be life- or limb-threatening, or that could lead to permanent disability. Members also receive a welcome packet complete with auto stickers and membership cards. Members have the peace of mind knowing that they will receive no out-of-pocket expense for their flights.

  • Can I cover all of my family on the membership?
    With an AirMedCare Network household membership, any person or persons who reside under one (residential) roof can be covered. In the event we have a member who lives in a duplex or apartment complex, we designate the primary member’s residence/address, and that is considered the “one roof”. Undergraduate college students can be covered under their parent’s membership as well as anyone previously residing in the household who is then moved to a permanent care facility.

For answers to more specific FAQs, visit or contact your local representative, Membership Sales Manager Randy Teague.